About Lab Procurement Services

LPS Helps Increase Procurement Efficiency
Outlook for Price Increases for 2024
What is a Lab Procurement Services Company?
Big Distributor Sales Reps: Friend or Foe?
Times have changed. Has your lab changed?
Chemical Pricing: Is it Intentionally Confusing?
Welcome to the first LabPro Pulse Plus Newsletter!
What is a “Procurement Service Provider”?
The bigger the better? Hold on…
Welcome to the first LabPro Pulse Newsletter!
Demystifying Pipet Tips
What do we do at LPS
Office Renovation and a New Physical Address
The Lab Supply Sales Rep Changing Roles
Supply Chain Update - Aug. 8, 2022
LPS Customer Update
Supply Chain Shortages
Lab Supply Distribution During the Pandemic
Managing Change
Save money by avoiding costly procurement mistakes!
LPS vs. Traditional Distributors
How to Train Your Sales Rep
LPS - On Your Side
Rebates and Prebates
Cost Plus Pricing
Guaranteed Cost Saving Contracts
The Hot List and Price Caps
Contract vs. Agreement
Contract Terminology 101
A View From the Other Side - A Preview
A Tale of Two Companies
Performance Based Compensation
GPO Agreements - Good or Bad?
Top 5 Pain Points
From the customer perspective, have we really made progress?
The Seven Centrifugal Purchasing 'Sins'
How Manufacturers Can Win by Embracing Change
How Would a Trade War with China Impact Lab Supply Pricing?
Are You Considering a Career in Distribution Lab Sales?
Brand Name Lab Items: Worth the Price?
How Critical is Vendor Qualification to Your Lab?
Hand Protection
Lab Procurement Services partners with Proacure Corp
New LabProServices.com Procurement Portal
The Future of Lab Supplies Distribution
The Changing world of Lab Supplies
Better Communications
The Changing Landscape in the Lab Supply Distribution Business
The Impact of Freight Charges
Profitable Procurement - An Oxymoron
Procurement as a Profit Center
Top 10 Items to Negotiate in a Distributor Contract
Maximizing Your Lab Supply Contract
Vendor Consolidation vs. Competition
What is Your Strategy to Reduce Lab Supply Costs?
Have You Considered Procurement Outsourcing?
Streamlining the Procure to Pay Cycle

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