LPS specializes in Enterprise procurement solutions designed for Small and Mid-sized labs. We provide software platforms, consulting services, and business process automations to help you get the products you need, when you need them, while minimizing both hard and soft procurement costs. With LPS you get:

Enterprise procurement solutions designed for small and mid-sized labs

All of the solutions we offer at Lab Procurement Services are things the big labs are already doing using expensive procurement platforms like Ariba and Jaggaer that are way out of reach for most labs. Our solutions are tailored for labs like manufacturer research, universities, and life sciences that operate on much smaller budgets.



Strategic and customized product sourcing services

Experienced lab procurement specialists with extensive knowledge of the supply chain and the issues that labs need to deal with are ready to help you find the right vendor for any need. We don’t just find the best price, we also consider lead times, reliability, product quality, and a number of other factors when selecting vendors.

Hard to find items? We’ll track them down for you and make sure the vendor can deliver on time.

Our specialists can also help you source manufacturers for customized product requirements.


Unparalleled customer service from dedicated procurement managers

When you contact Lab Procurement Services you will get an answer from a US-based customer service representative that is dedicated and knowledgeable about the laboratory supply chain.

We develop long-term relationships with both our team and our clients, so you will always hear a familiar voice who knows your business and purchasing needs. Our team becomes an extension of your own.



Custom web portal where you can order items from any vendor on one site

We take all the items you purchase across all of your vendors and add them to your own custom web order portal, giving you a single place to go to order and track orders for any item you buy. A single order could contain products from a dozen or more different vendors, saving you hours compared to logging on to multiple websites, placing, tracking and paying for multiple orders.

And if your primary vendor is on backorder, we can substitute another vendor or equivalent product automatically without the need to re-order.


Consolidate orders and invoices

Send us a single purchase order containing products from any of your vendors and we will bill them all with one invoice. Vendor consolidation realizes huge savings in the “soft costs” of purchasing. Every order takes employee time to place, track, resolve any issues, and pay the invoice. Managing dozens or hundreds of vendors is far more time consuming than managing one. Lab Procurement Services gives you one order and one invoice regardless of where each item is sourced.


Wholesale “club” pricing for members

Lab Procurement Services is like a wholesale buyers’ club for labs, similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club. Wholesale pricing requires membership, and we pass on the distributor price discounts to our members.

Member orders are also consolidated to take advantage of volume discounts. When multiple members order the same item, we negotiate volume pricing and pass the discounts on to all members.



Procure-to-Pay software solutions and process consulting

Part of our low-cost model involves extensive investment in process automation software that allows us to complete transactions with minimal data entry costs. Our close partnership with ScanStore gives us access to a team of experts with over 20 years experience in accounts payable and data entry automation solutions.

Let us put our experience to work for you. We will analyze every aspect of your procurement process to identify potential savings from automation. Using technologies like Optical Character Recognition, Robotic Process Automation, and EDI, we ensure that any handoff of data between your systems and your vendors’ are fully automated.

We also offer complete Procure-to-Pay platform solutions that offer an integrated solution for the entire process.