Lab Supplies and Equipment Contract

LPS Helps Increase Procurement Efficiency
Big Distributor Sales Reps: Friend or Foe?
Why Are Regional Distributors Succeeding?
Tricks of the Trade
What do we do at LPS
The Lab Supply Sales Rep Changing Roles
Do You Still Need a Lab Supply Sales Rep?
LPS - On Your Side
Rebates and Prebates
Cost Plus Pricing
Guaranteed Cost Saving Contracts
The Hot List and Price Caps
Contract vs. Agreement
Contract Terminology 101
A View From the Other Side - A Preview
GPO Agreements - Good or Bad?
The Future of Lab Supplies Distribution
The Impact of Freight Charges
In Lab Supply Procurement, Size Matters
Top 10 Items to Negotiate in a Distributor Contract
Maximizing Your Lab Supply Contract
What is Your Strategy to Reduce Lab Supply Costs?

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