LPS Helps Increase Procurement Efficiency

LPS Helps Increase Procurement Efficiency

Integrating suppliers and customers to achieve an optimized supply chain is imperative for establishing an efficient laboratory supplies procurement process.

Effective management of the procurement process entails negotiating with suppliers and end users, identifying current item availability, and considering various shipping and transportation options. LPS has established long-term partnerships with numerous manufacturers and laboratory supply distributors. Moreover, we utilize a wealth of real-world metrics, which enables us to make optimal purchasing decisions that align with our client objectives.

LPS offers its clients detailed and timely information regarding product availability. Conflict and error resolution are managed by our team. This optimization enables laboratories to dedicate more time to their work and less to supply management. We collaborate with suppliers on various matters, including scheduling of distribution and inventory management tailored to our customers' needs. Additionally, we maintain up-to-date information on any order status changes, cost-saving opportunities, or changes in item availability.

Given the meticulous documentation present at every stage of the process, we are in a position to consistently uphold these standards, and should an opportunity arise for alterations that would result in time and cost savings, we will identify them.

The majority of clients are surprised to discover that we do not impose any charges for our services. As long as supplies are procured through LPS, all supplementary research is rendered at no cost to the customer. This policy is the fundamental principle underlying our ability to offer supplies at such competitive prices. Our business model is predicated upon generating revenue only when we are able to provide cost savings to our clients. Furthermore, we do not require our clients to enter into any contractual obligations.

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