Procurement Outsourcing

What is a Lab Procurement Services Company?
What is a “Procurement Service Provider”?
The bigger the better? Hold on…
Welcome to the first LabPro Pulse Newsletter!
What do we do at LPS
Supply Chain Shortages
LPS vs. Traditional Distributors
LPS - On Your Side
Cost Plus Pricing
The Hot List and Price Caps
Contract vs. Agreement
Contract Terminology 101
A View From the Other Side - A Preview
A Tale of Two Companies
Performance Based Compensation
GPO Agreements - Good or Bad?
Top 5 Pain Points
From the customer perspective, have we really made progress?
Lab Procurement Services partners with Proacure Corp
The Future of Lab Supplies Distribution
Procurement as a Profit Center
Top 10 Items to Negotiate in a Distributor Contract
Vendor Consolidation vs. Competition
Have You Considered Procurement Outsourcing?
Streamlining the Procure to Pay Cycle

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