What is a Lab Procurement Services Company?

What is a Lab Procurement Services Company?

What is a Lab Procurement Services Company?

Confused PersonIf you’ve visited our website you most likely were guided there by some search engine that showed we had the item you were looking for at a great price.

Many of our regular customers (we refer to them as clients) were web shoppers who wanted to set up terms and routinely purchase from us.

Few new clients understand that LPS is far more than a distributor / web seller. Even fewer understand what it means to do business with a Procurement Services company and how it differs from any other distributor. When clients understand the difference and find out all the benefits they were missing out on, they say, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Distributor vs. Procurement Services Provider

The price you pay. Distributors price items to maximize profits. Their priority is to “leave no money on the table” meaning, their goal is to get you to pay the highest possible price. LPS prices items on a cost-plus basis. Our goal is to work on our client’s behalf rather than to pad our profits.

The level of customer service. If you order an item that is on extended backorder, you won’t have to call us. We will try to expedite, and if necessary, locate suitable alternative items that will arrive in a more acceptable time frame. You will always deal with the same highly skilled people. You won’t be transferred around, or deal with people you don’t know.

The volume of data provided. Distributors guard their metrics closely. They are reluctant to share information (such as spend data) with customers, because they fear it may become a “bid list” to be sent to competitors. As a Procurement Services organization, we provide extensive data without your having to ask.

How can LPS compete with the buying power of a big distributor such as Avantor/VWR or Fisher?

As a Procurement Services provider, we may utilize these large distributors (we are authorized resellers for both companies.) You may have negotiated a price that is better than we can provide. In that case, we will advise you NOT to purchase from LPS. (Who else does that?) More often than not, these huge distributors fail to provide big discounts to customers who don’t spend millions per year. Only the mega-buyers get the benefit of their purchasing power and the perks that come with it. At LPS, these “perks” are just an everyday occurrence that everyone enjoys.

Sounds interesting. What are the next steps?

If you are just a casual buyer and want to remain that way, I encourage you to continue shopping on our website. We are adding thousands of new items each month, and you will find our prices to be very competitive.

If you want to set up terms, send us orders by PDF, or order from our website using a purchase order. Then give us a call, email us, or set up a meeting. We can approve your credit and set you up with an account, in most cases in just one day.

Once you have an account established, then it’s up to you to enjoy all the benefits we provide:

  • Special cost-plus pricing on every item you purchase.

  • Custom catalogs

  • Spend and savings information provided regularly

  • Unmatched personalized, individual service.

Everyone wants to be treated like a V.I.P. customer. Every company says they provide that type of service, but few deliver on that promise. Come discover for yourself the real difference between dealing with a distributor and a procurement services company.