The bigger the better? Hold on…

The bigger the better?  Hold on…

The bigger the better? Hold on…

We were informed recently that Hach no longer permits its distributors to sell their products to resellers. Hach is a Danaher Corporation company. Danaher owns a lot of premier brands including Beckman Coulter. In the life science sector, they have acquired Pall Life sciences as well as Cytiva (formerly GE Whatman) whose most recent revenue statement was $31.47 billion.

These acquisitions put them just behind Thermo Fisher at $40 billion and Avantor at $7.51 billion. Agilent Technologies will soon surpass Avantor with current revenues at $6.85 billion.

Hach has a long history of selling alternately direct to their end users, then through distribution. These oscillations are disruptive to the market; we have responded by offering first Lovibond products, and now Taylor Technologies water products.

My real concern is that these policies will migrate to Cytiva and Pall. As Thermo Fisher has proven, getting too big is never good for the consumer.

Supply Chain Snafu Continues at Corning

Most vendors are now back to stocking positions on most products. The most notable exception is Corning Life Sciences (whose revenues for 2022 were $6.85 billion, nearly identical to Agilent and about to surpass Avantor.)

Again, the message is that getting too big is a double-edged sword. This manufacturer has a huge market share and tremendous brand loyalty, but can’t keep up with the demand for their products. Backorders are still months (and in some cases over a year) out. One huge item is 100 x 15mm petri dishes! Why is this? Corning isn’t talking.

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