Water in Your Lab

Water in Your Lab

Water in Your Lab

From tap water to LC/MS Grade Ultra-Pure water, CAS #7732-18-5 is the one chemical found in every lab.  From Type 1 to Type 4, your lab will most likely use them all.

Type 2, General Lab Grade Water, is commonly produced by a combination of reverse osmosis and deionization (filtering through ion-exchange resins).  Type 1 water (with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ-cm at 25°C) must pass through ion-exchange resins and UV light sources to achieve the level of purity required for certain analytical procedures.

LPS represents two companies who produce and sell Type 1 water systems, RO systems, Distillation systems and a wide range of ion-exchange resins:  ResinTech (formerly Aries Filterworks) and LabStrong Corporation.  If you are contemplating the purchase of a water system, or you routinely purchase filter cartridges for any type system, we have great products to offer at huge savings…

The Chemical Corner

Let’s take a look at the current advertised list pricing for HPLC Grade Water, 4X4L case:

VWR (BDH)                BDH23595.400           $407.58

Fisher Chemical          W5SK-4                      $607.00

Ricca Chemical          9153-1                         $437.78

Spectrum Chemical    HP902-4LT                 $476.55

Millipore Sigma           WX0004-1                   $648.00

Honeywell (B&J)         365-4                           $718.57


While all of these brands are available from LPS, the best value we have is, surprisingly, the option with the second-most expensive list price - Millipore Sigma!  Our web price is $120.73 per case.

Once again, this just illustrates the crazy policy of setting sky-high list prices,then offering impressive discounts.

The Vendor Corner



Many customers we speak with are very hesitant to purchase water purification cartridges from anyone other than the company who made their water purification system.  The two most popular legacy water systems are the Millipore™ and Barnstead™ brands.  Wall mounted cartridge systems such as the Labconco systems are also widely used.

Manufacturing ion exchange resins is one thing.  Building a machine that you hook these cartridges to is completely different.  Both of these companies, but in particular ResinTech, make it their primary business to manufacture ion-exchange resin.

On the other hand, Thermo Scientific is an instrument builder.  They “inherited” the Barnstead system when they purchased Barnstead in 2006.  In 2010, they shut down the Dubuque, IA plant.  The workers there, having lost their jobs, got together and started LabStrong.  Having all of the expertise in water systems that Thermo Fisher did not take with them, they once again began manufacturing and selling ion-exchange resin cartridges that fit on the Barnstead systems they built for many years.  It’s a true, riches-to-rags-to-riches story.

One or both of these two companies can provide alternatives to nearly every Barnstead part number. Most importantly, you will get a better resin at a far better price.

Here is a cross reference sheet that will help you choose the right product for your system.