Another Unique New Vendor - Taylor Technologies

Another Unique New Vendor - Taylor Technologies

Another Unique New Vendor - Taylor Technologies

Any distributor sales rep who has never called on a wastewater treatment lab or a paper mill should not be eligible for a promotion. It’s not just the unforgettable smells that you can never forget. The labs you see in many of the smaller facilities are not the neat-and-tidy sort. The EPA and the state environmental regulators require that testing be performed and there is a level of accreditation for the person reporting the results.

Calling on smaller facilities teaches you very quickly that if you can’t offer Hach brand products, you are wasting your valuable selling time.

Thermo Orion made a run at Hach back in the day. I believe their product line was a private label version of Lovibond products. They had a wide assortment of test kits and meters that were the same methods as Hach and they were less expensive. It went nowhere because Hach convinced everyone that they weren’t “EPA Approved.” It wasn’t long before it was taken off the market. [Note: The EPA doesn’t “approve” anyone’s kits. It publishes approved methods.]

My latest blog post: “The Water Testing Market Must Have More Competition” explores how Hach got to this point, what they are doing to eliminate their competition and most importantly, who their major competitors are: “Lovibond USA and Taylor Technologies", two companies LPS is proud to represent. In this issue we are focusing on Taylor Technologies.

Why should you consider Taylor Technologies?

Taylor Technologies is called “the most trusted name in water testing” because they are as dominant in the pool/spa market as Hach is in the industrial market. Taylor has been around since 1930, long before Hach, founded in 1947.

Key questions to ask:

Does Taylor offer test kits for a wide variety of analytes?. Taylor offers a huge variety of test kits, reagents strips and reagents. Nineteen of these test kits have been Certified by the National Science Foundation. Nearly all of these are available at

Does Taylor use the same methodologies as Hach? In many cases it does. If you are looking for exact replacements for Hach products, look to Lovibond Vario reagents. However if you are looking for even simpler methodologies that don’t require instrumentation, Talor Technologies is your better bet?

Does Taylor offer field kits and portable instruments like Hach? Yes! Taylor offers an extensive line of simple, easy to use and transport instruments.

Does Taylor offer technical support and training? Because of their roots in the pool/spa business, Taylor conducts ongoing seminars and a staff of scientists to support their products.

Are Taylor products high quality? Taylor was voted the best overall quality in the Pool/Spa industry in 2019.

If you are testing water, no matter what the source, Taylor Technologies has products that are good if not better than Hach, easier to perform at a far better price.