Reagent Grade Chemicals

Caustics, also known as alkaline chemicals, are widely used in laboratories for various applications such as cleaning, sterilization, and as reagents in chemical reactions. LPS is a leading supplier of laboratory supplies, including a range of affordable caustics that are essential for many laboratory procedures.

LPS provides concentrated caustics that are easy to use and can be diluted to the desired concentration for a specific experiment or application. These caustics are carefully formulated to ensure accuracy, consistency, and quality, allowing researchers to perform high-quality experiments and achieve reliable results.

The concentrated caustics supplied by LPS are available in a range of sizes and packaging options, making it easy for laboratories to purchase the amount they need for their specific requirements. LPS is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of researchers and scientists while keeping costs down.

In addition to providing affordable caustics, LPS also offers exceptional customer service and support. Their team of experts is available to provide technical advice, assistance with product selection, and guidance on using the caustics effectively.

LPS understands that accuracy and reliability are critical in the laboratory, and their concentrated caustics are designed to help researchers achieve both. They are committed to ensuring that their customers receive the best possible service and support, and they work tirelessly to maintain the quality of their products.

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