Paperless Procurement

Paperless Procurement

Lab Procurement Services provides document scanning, data entry automation and EDI solutions to streamline the procure-to-pay process, as well as other document-based tasks in the lab. 

Our technology partner, ScanStore - creators of SimpleIndex, has been a leading document management solutions provider for over 15 years. LPS and ScanStore work closely together to tailor our document and data processing solutions to the needs of the laboratory market.

The procure-to-pay cycle is a very paper and data intensive process. A very large part of the cost of purchasing, receiving and paying for lab supplies is due to creating, handling, storing and entering data from paper documents. Any part of this process that can be automated with an electronic document, digital signature or automated data capture can save your lab money on every transaction. When these small savings are magnified across every purchase you make, the ROI becomes quite significant.

The holy grail of automation is EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is usually available from larger vendors that you do a high volume of transactions with. EDI eliminates the exchange of paper documents in the procurement and accounts payable processes, eliminating the handling, storage and data entry costs completely and adding data directly to your accounting system. ScanStore developers work with your IT staff and your vendors to guide you through the process, develop the necessary interfaces and data transformations, implement and stress test the interface.

Laboratory Document Management Solutions

Some examples of document management and business process automation solutions that we have provided for our clients.

MSDS & Certificates of Analysis - Create a fully searchable database of Materials Safety Data Sheet and Certificate of Analysis documentation, letting you instantly locate the documentation for any item based on CAS number, description, or any keyword within the text of the document. Access them from anywhere on your network, email or print on demand.

Vendor Quotes, Contracts - To ensure that all your buyers are using the latest pricing and vendor contract information, we provide version-controlled document repositories with standardized filing schemes. Each new price list and contract is uploaded to the repository, replacing any existing versions in the search results while still allowing the user to browse all previous versions of each document.

Lab Reports - Provide a secure document portal for your clients to logon and retrieve completed lab reports and archive your old reports automatically. Instead of sending lab reports over insecure email or ancient fax, give customers direct access to their results through a web portal or cloud-based storage solution. 

Invoices - Automate accounts payable processes by using invoice processing solutions to automate all of the data entry involved. Capture header information like vendor, invoice number, dates, amounts and shipping address, as well as line item information like part numbers, quantities and subtotals. Automatically import this data into your accounting software for payment.


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