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Lab Supply Contract ManagementThe Problem with Pricing

There are still labs out there who have to get quotes from three different vendors for every order they place—we hope yours is not one of them! Most labs figured out long ago that having a pre-negotiated price and an “approved” vendor in place far outweighs any cost savings that can be obtained by competitive bidding of small dollar purchases.

On the other hand, if you are about to negotiate an agreement with a vendor or sign onto a group purchasing agreement, engaging us at this step could save you thousands of dollars!

Contracts and Agreements

There is a big difference between a contract and an agreement that you need to be aware of! Are you prepared to sign a document that could result in a lawsuit if they are backordered and you have to purchase products form a competitor? It’s true—this does happen! Even if your attorney reviews the document, does your attorney know what represents a good price on reusable glassware vs. a not-so-good price? We do. Did you consider your options on transportation and payment term options? We do.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

As your agent, we will handle the vendor negotiations for you. You make the final call and sign any resulting agreement. No need for frayed nerves or a strained relationship with a vendor. We ask the tough questions on your behalf. Most importantly, we know what to ask for. Reduction in freight rates, extended terms, no charge blue ice shipping—we check everything.

Competitive Bidding and RFPs

For large, one-time purchases for big dollar items such as capital equipment or lab renovation projects, competitive bidding may be your best option. It may sound easy to put a bid or RFP together but it is not. Failing to specify EXACTLY what you want can result in anything from a minor hassle to a major lawsuit. We can help with every step of the bid or RFP. From determining your needs to agreeing on the list of vendors to submit requests or bids to tabulating the responses for your evaluation.


Agreements differ from contracts in that they are non-binding on both parties. However under Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002 ( if a vendor says they will do something, then, by this law they are required to do it.

So agreements really work in your favor and give you more flexibility than binding contracts. But what do you give up? You may think that the price may be higher but in our experience, that has seldom been the case.

We can tailor an agreement to your needs and negotiate on your behalf. We can ensure that any agreement you are given has all of the elements working in your interest—such as a reasonable cancellation clause.

Is This Service Affordable?

Absolutely! Our rates are tailored to both the size of the client as well as the size of the job.
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LPS Contracting Capabilities




Gain Advice From Former Distributor Contract Negotiators

LPS personnel have been distribution sales contract negotiators.

You gain inside information on what to expect during negotiations.

Contract Compliance Auditing / Monitoring

LPS can monitor you distributors performance to ensure that you are getting what you were promised in the contract.

This information becomes available to you through LPS. You now rest assured that you are paying the right price and buying from the best vendors.

Market Basket Development

LPS can assist you in developing a meaning ful market basket pre-contract.

A well constructed market baskets result in far better pricing and make it far easier to compare proposals.

Aid in Drafting Your RFP

LPS can provide you with guidance on how to structure your RFP language.

Avoid rebids and challenges to bid awards.  Get the most out of your contract!

Negotiation Assistance

We can negotiate for you or serve in any advisory role.

Less hassle, more time to focus on revenue generating tasks. LPS multi-client leverage yields a far better bargaining position than you could gain your behalf.

We Help You Find the "Land Mines"

We know what to look for in the fine print of an RFP.

Avoid signing a contract with the little "gotcha's" you will regret.


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