Custom Lab Supply Management Portal

Laboratory Procurement PortalOur procurement services clients are set up with a customized management portal that lists all of the items you purchase and lets you track inventory and place re-orders using a simple interface.

The portal is designed specifically to track lab equipment, supplies, chemicals and reagents. It includes location data, expiration dates, MSDS, protocols and other documents related to each item.

Common re-orders are saved for 1-click processing, and your portal only shows the items you purchase. Order history and tracking are shared among all your team members.

Our lab management portal is vendor-independent, so you can order any item from any supplier from the same website.

We also offer integration with the popular Quartzy lab management platform for clients that already use it or need the additional features it provides.

The lab management portal is just one of the many cost-saving technologies we employ to streamline your procurement process and lower your cost per order!


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