Lab Procurement Services provides supplies, equipment, product recommendations, and contract management for customers around the globe.  With hundreds of vendors and group purchasing power, we provide contract free convenient services as well as incredible pricing for all types of labs and industries.


LPS can provide our clinical and healthcare clients with a huge selection of products from brands you know and trust.


Major universities have the resources to dedicate a highly qualified procurement specialist specializing in lab supplies and equipment.  Smaller universities and colleges cannot justify having such a person on staff or have the overall volume to advantageously contract with major distributors.  LPS plays the role of the procurement specialist finding the best values every day.


From water and waste water plants to analytical labs doing specialty testing, LPS has both the expertise and the product lines to ensure our clients get the best value for their dollar.

 Life Science

Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) utilize LPS to perform the function of a full fledged procurement team allowing them to focus all of their funding and resources on what they do best – research!


Most manufacturing companies now have indirect procurement handled by the lab manager whose primary job is validating the quality of the product.  LPS takes the burden of managing day to day ordering off the Lab Manager.  What Lab Manager hasn’t been given a cost saving goal?  With LPS, Lab Manager’s achieve those goals year after year.