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Pipet Tips

TIP LTS 250UL 96RK ST, PK960

TIP LTS 250UL 96RK ST, PK960


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SKU: 1018-965-008-PK

Labcon North America
IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT! - These clear, pretested, polypropylene resin tips fit the Rainin LTS pipettors. The tips fit and eject with significantly less force than most conventional pipet tips. Lot-certified pure and free of human DNA, Dnase, Rnase, endotoxins, and heavy metals.
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GMP Select Labcon Tip for Rainin LTS Pipette,1-20uL, 96 Rack, cs/9600 NEW GMP-Select Performance -Tested Pipette Tips Pipette measurement performance depends significantly on the pipette tip. Since no two manufacturers produce the same pipette tip, a mismatch between your pipette and your choice of tip can result in poor measurement performance. Don't let this effect your science! NEW GMP-Select  Tips provide calibration-certified performance, specific for your pipette brand. Only a high-priced OEM pipette tip can offer this level of measurement assurance. Switch today, to the reliable performance of a calibration-certified pipette tip and get the measurementassurance of an OEM tip, without the cost.


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Manufacturer Labcon North America
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