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Tissue Culture

Laboratory plasticware, including test tubes, beakers, pipettes and containers.


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  1. FlowTubes™ without cap, 12x75mm, 250 per tray box, 1000/cs

    MTC Bio


    Special Price $70.67

    Made of crystal clear polystyrene, these 12x75mm FlowTubes™ are designed for Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting/ flow cytometry equipment including FACS systems from BD Biosciences. The diameter and wall thickness of the tube's neck is held to very tight tolerances to ensure consistent compatibility with the automated instrument. They are available withe the standard two-position culture cap, no cap at all, or with a cap that contains a 35µm nylon mesh screen, designed to assist in cell sorting/straining applications. These tubes are primarily used to collect dissociated sample for subsequent processing in automated flow cytometry instruments. Learn More
  2. Serological pipette, 25ml, red, CS/150

    Capp Denmark


    Special Price $71.97

    Serological pipette, 25ml, red, CS/150 Learn More
  3. Multi purpose container translucent 32 oz., CS100

    Biomedical Polymers


    Special Price $72.31

    These high quality non-graduated containers are designed for the collection, transport, and storage of specimens and samples. Tight fitting lids prevent leaks and odors. Ideal for storing biologically hazardous samples for terminal autoclaving before disposal. Molded from either high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, these containers are inert to most chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids, and all bases. The stackable containers are resistant to freezing and boiling and are easy to write on with either pen or pencil for positive identification. Learn More
  4. 25mL Pipet, Bulk Packed in Bags, Sterile

    CELLTREAT Scientific Products


    Special Price $75.00

    25mL Pipet, Bulk Packed in Bags, Sterile Learn More
  5. TUBE 12X75 PP NAT, CS3000

    Labcon North America


    Special Price $75.00

    Ultra clear resin. Colored tubes available. Durable high grade (U.S.P.) packaging. Thicker walls will not crush. Learn More

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5 Item(s)