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Vendor Management Services LifecycleAt Lab Pro, we are a distributor for many major industry leaders .  We have years of experience and long standing relationships with key suppliers in the laboratory industries.  We understand that getting great pricing is crucial, but also that finding the lowest priced items, often means the lowest quality.  We are constantly looking to find the best VALUE items, not the cheapest.  We know that your lab will never prioritize supply cost over results, and we will never make recommendations that will disrupt your workflow.

We know what a good deal really is.

In the lab industries, it can often be hard to figure out if an item is a good price, or if a vendors quotes are fair.  Because we serve labs all around the world, we have been able to witness a drastic difference between the pricing models of different vendors.  On top of thism, we have gotten quotes from so many vendors that we can see both sides of the picture.  Through this sort of  strategic sharing of information and priorities, we have been able to see what labs need, and what major manufacturers want out of their distributors.  By finding a balance of commitment and competition between our distributors, we have been able to nail down high value items for nearly any applications.

If we aren't sure we can save you money, we won't waste your time.

When we see an opportunity to mutually benefit, that's our queue.  Our attitude has always been "give our customers the best prices you can, so another vendor can't come through and take our business."  Often a  laboratory will quote items with a new or existing vendor and provide their current costs for these items.  This is helpful, as it gives the vendor an idea of the pricing they need to beat, but all too often the vendor will quote them RIGHT BELOW the price they were already paying.   Our pricing model is different.  We will give you the absolute lowest pricing we can, so another vendor cannot come through an beat our pricing. 

Long term partnerships are a key to mutual success.

As a vendor who often provides crucial supplies and equipment for the operations of our clients, we understand the benefit of working together.  We have lab purchasing experts, who can not only provide top quality products, but can also make product recommendations for any situation.  Tapping into this wealth of knowledge can give your laboratory a competitive edge in the market.  We see the benefit of long-term relationships with our clients, and will never overcharge.  The benefits of these long-term relationships is huge, and because of this we will never prioritize short-term gains or marginal cost savings over quality service.  This ideology builds trust between customer and distributor alike and helps is with our quest for expert knowledge and pricing.  Not only is the trust built between vendor and client hugely important, the sharing of information alone can be impactful.  In an world where insider pricing knowledge and industry connections are extremely valued commodities, our long-term partnerships have proved to be invaluable assets.

Vendor Consolidation is an often overlooked asset.

Everyone understands that it is much easier to sibmit a single purchase order to a single vendor, but there are many more benefits.  When there are problems, we solve them.  We can negotiate pricing, get group purchasing pricing, find alternative products and compare industry supplies head to head.  All of this helps us find the best value items available.  This obviously helps your lab save money.  In addition, whe you purchase more from a single vendor, you end up with a higher level of customer service.  Rather than having to chase down several vendors with missed shipments, defective product and product information; you only need to go to one vendor to handle those issues and get that information. This reduces customer service time and that saves you money on customer service personnel by allowing your customer service department to be more efficient.  See our blog "Vendor Consolidation vs Competition" for more information about the benefits of purchasing more, or ALL of your supplies from LPS.

Why choose Lab Procurement Services?

Long story short, we understand that to bring your lab value propositions, we need to constantly adapt and keep researching on you (and all of our customers) behalves.   We have the know-how and we have the staff on hand to provide lightning fast service, quality recommendations, and exceptional pricing.  We are a small business that is focused on personalable customer service and the building of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the laboraroty industry.  If we can't save you money, we won't lead you on.  BUT, more likely than not, we can save you time, save you money, and allow you to focus on your work instead of focusing on your purchasing process.


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