Who is LabStrong?


LabStrong is located in Dubuque, Iowa (USA).  Most of the employees of LabStrong were formerly employed by Barnstead International prior to its acquisition by Thermo Fisher.  After Thermo Fisher moved all manufacturing from Dubuque to their plant in Asheville, NC many of the long term Barnstead employees combined their efforts to form LabStrong.

Today, LabStrong is once again, a proud U.S. manufacturer focusing on:



Helix Orbital Shakers

Model 150

Model 150BL

Model 150BLR

Model 250

Dynamic Accessories 

  • FREE EZ-Clamp Platform with Helix 250 Orbital Shaker purchase
  • FREE Non-Slip Mat with Helix 150, 150BL or 150BLR Orbital Shaker purchase
  • Magnetic patented EZ-Clamp™ system can be used on all Helix Orbital Shakers and do not require any tools to install
  • EZ-Clamp Platforms have numerous mounting holes making EZ-Clamp configurations virtually endless

Excellent Shaking

  • Long lasting brushless motor in Helix 150BL,150BLR and 250 Orbital Shaker provides quiet operation and consistent shaking 
  • Economical brushed motor in Helix 150 Orbital Shaker provides remarkably smooth motion
  • Variable Speed Range: 10 – 150 rpm (Helix 150 Orbital Shaker Models) or 15 – 300 rpm (Helix 250 Orbital Shaker)
  • All Helix Orbital Shakers are designed for biological, chemical, liquid mixing and cell cultivation in an array of laboratory settings

Always Reliable

  • Long lasting brushless motor  in Helix 150BL, 150BLR and 250 Orbital Shaker
  • All Helix Orbital Shakers have a variety of safety features including audible alerts and a slow ramping start-up feature to reduce potential splashing
  • MST™ (Movement Sensor Target) prevents ‘walking’ of Helix 250 Orbital Shaker
  • All Helix Orbital Shakers are CSA, cCSAus and CE certified

Quick Set Up and Start Up

  • All Helix Orbital Shakers are simple to install and only require one person to set up
  • Rotary timer and speed knob (Helix 150 Orbital Shaker Models)
  • Digital display/interface (Helix 250 Orbital Shaker)
  • All Helix Orbital Shakers take up less bench top space than competitors
  • LabStrong Connect free downloadable software package for the Helix 250 Orbital Shaker allows for automating data collection and programming

Outstanding Service

  • Helpful and knowledgeable in-house customer service available
  • Free technical support by calling (563) 588-8900 or by emailing [email protected]
  • Stocked replacement parts are always shipped within 24 hours
  • Factory trained field service partners throughout United States and Canada 

Fi-Streem Water Stills

FiStreem 2S 2 LPH

FiStreem III 4 LPH

FiStreem II 8 LPH

High Quality Water

  • Consistently produce high quality ASTM Type II water
  • Patented cyclonic vapor trap eliminates carry-over of vapor-borne contaminants
  • Glass components eliminate leaching impurities


  • 24-hour automatic control activates still as required to maintain a full water storage reservoir
  • Can be turned off for extended periods of time without having to replace costly consumables (i.e. RO & DI)
  • Fully automatic controls in Fi-Streem III Stills simplify operation while assuring high reliability


  • Fully enclosed still assures safety from hot surfaces and accidental breakage

Easy to Install, Clean and Maintain

  • Simple installation that only requires one person
  • Cleaning process requires little operator time and is easy to complete
  • Little maintenance required


  • Heating elements designed for extended life relative to competitors
  • Over temperature protection device (Fi-Streem 2S and III) and additional thermistor protection (Fi-Streem III) in stills extends life of heating elements by protecting still from low water conditions

Space Saving

  • Up to 53% smaller benchtop footprint than competitors
  • Can be wall or bench mounted (all brackets included)


  • Water flow minimal, especially with pre-treatment system
  • No filters in land waste

Outstanding Service

  • Knowledgeable in-house customer service and technical support
  • Stocked parts always shipped within 24 hours
  • Factory trained field service partners

SKU: A74415-60LS

Of all the water purification technologies available, distillation can remove a wider range of impurities than any other single form of water purification. LabStrong Fi-Streem Stills consistently produce high quality ASTM Type II water and can remove inorganic ions, dissolved gases, organics, particles, bacteria and pyrogens from water. LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Stills will meet your laboratory water needs while remaining budget-friendly. 

The LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still consistently produces high quality ASTM Type II water. The still produces 1.4 liters of distilled water per hour and comes with a one year limited warranty. Quotes to provide, preventive maintenance (PM) contracts, or quotes to provide installation/startup of the complete system are available upon request.


Product Features:


Consistently Pure Water

The still consistently produces high quality ASTM Type II water and can remove inorganic ions, dissolved gases, organics, particles, bacteria and pyrogens from water. The still features a unique patented vapor trap designed to eliminate all vapor borne droplets, ensuring there is no carry-over of impurities in the distillate water. The resultant is pyrogen free water at all times. Glass components in the still eliminate leaching impurities.


Safe Operation

Safety features protect the still and the user. An over temperature protection device in the boiler assembly offers protection against low water conditions. The totally enclosed still design assures operator safety from breakage and hot surfaces.


Reliable and Effortless to Use

The still features user friendly operation. With the press of a single button, (Power On) the still will start the flow of water in the still. With the press of a second button (Heater On) the still will start to heat the inlet water to fully operate the still.


The still is supplied with a float switch which shuts off the still automatically when the water storage reservoir is full, enabling safe and unattended operation. The 24-hour automatic control activates the still as required to maintain a full reservoir. The automatic control start/stop feature is enabled when the still is connected to the LabStrong 8 Liter Carboy (A1052LS) or LabStrong 20 Liter Carboy (B00123) via the float switch.


Highly Efficient and Economical

Multiple pretreatment options are available for the still. The pre-treatment helps to reduce the frequency of cleaning the still by removing scaling impurities from the inlet source water.

A built-in flow controller maximizes product water output while minimizing inlet water usage to drain. The still can be conveniently turned off for extended periods of time and returned to operation without the need for sanitizing or replacing consumables. Not only does this feature save valuable time, but also resources.


Simple to Clean

Descaling of the still is simplified by a cleaning process that does not require the dismantling of any glassware. The process requires little operator time and is easy to complete.


Space Saving Design

Included with the still is a wall mount bracket, which allows for wall mounting. The still can be bench mounted.


Easy to Install

The still does not require pretesting or prequalification of water prior to installing. The still can simply be connected to tap water and operate. For convenience, the still is designed with dual feed capabilities for tap or pretreated feedwater. All of the necessary tubing is included with the still to complete installation.

Product Specifications:

  • Feed Water Type: Tap or Pretreated
  • Feed Water Inlet: 1/2 inch ID Tubing
  • Feed Water Operational Temperature Range: 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Feed Water Cooling Water Temperature: 40 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooling Water (Liters Per Hour): 30
  • Product Water Capacity (Liters Per Hour): 1.4
  • Physical Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 13.75 x 10.25 x 31 inches
  • Operating Weight: 38 pounds
  • 2 Heaters
  • 120V, 15A
  • Feed Water Minimum Pressure: 10 PSI
  • Feed Water Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI 
  • Certification: CSA, cCSAus and CE

Common Applications for Distilled Water:

  • Bacteria and pyrogen removal
  • Buffer and reagent preparation
  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Feed water for Type 1 Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Fixatives
  • General chemistry
  • General laboratory equipment feed (i.e. humidification, environmental chambers, autoclaves and dishwashers)
  • Glassware rinsing and washing
  • Hydroponics
  • Protocols specifically requiring glass distilled water
  • Solid phase extraction
  • Trace metal detection
  • Top off lead acid batteries
  • Water analysis (i.e. BOD, COD, TOC, TOD, pH value tests)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The LabStrong Fi-Streem model number A74415-60LS is the direct replacement of the Thermo Scientific Barnstead Fi-Streem model number A74415-60.


Shipping Dimensions: 40in. × 25in. × 24in.

Shipping Weight: 60 lb.

FiStreem Digital Vacuum Oven


SKU: OVA031.XX3.1

The Sanyo Gallenkamp Oven has been redesigned by Fi-Streem; the result is the Fi-Streem Digital Vacuum Oven. The oven has been upgraded to incorporate a user friendly and easy to operate digital electronic PID controller. The easier and faster control settings improve performance accuracy of the oven. All of the other great features of the proven Gallenkamp Oven remain.

Product Features:

Excellent Temperature Stability and Uniformity

  • Digital PID controller for accurate temperature setting
  • High quality construction and insulation provide temperature uniformity with excellent stability
  • Independent over-temperature safety circuit protects sensitive samples from over-heating

 Tough Construction

  • Outer case constructed of a tough steel construction
  • Vacuum chamber is a robust aluminum casting
  • Spacious rectangular chamber with toughened glass viewing window and polycarbonate shatter-resistant safety screen
  • Glass fiber insulation increases energy efficiency
  • Supplied with 2 shelves (3 positions, 2.95 inch intervals)

 Vacuum Controls

  • Vacuum gauge and valves conveniently located near bottom of front panel allow for convenient connection to vacuum pump, vapor trap or exhaust
  • Reliable, needle type inlet and exhaust valves
  • Serrated nozzles accept flexible vacuum tubing of .39 to .47 inches (10 to 12 millimeters) bore


  • Viewing window allows for safe inspection of materials
  • Integral over temperature alarm indication
  • Pressure warning provided by vacuum meter
  • Glass fiber insulation maintains safe, low outer case temperatures
  • Door closure achieved via a strong and positive twist action latch


  • Highly versatile oven for atmospheric or reduced atmosphere operation
  • Reduced pressure allows for heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperatures
  • Stable samples may be dried more rapidly at high temperatures, without fan circulation
  • Suitable for solvent removal work (subject to adequate exhaust and ventilation conditions)

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet (31 liters)
  • Temperature Range: 30 to 200 degrees Celsius at ambient temperatures less than 25 degrees Celsius
  • Power Rating: 120V at 1000 watts, 10 amps
  • Certification: CE
  • Shelf Dimensions (Length x Width):  11.4 x 14.4 inches (290 x 366 millimeters)
  • Number of Shelves Supplied: 2
  • Number of Shelf Positions: 3
  • Interval Between Shelf Positions: 2.95 inches (75 millimeters)
  • Internal Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 12.2 x 14.8 x 10.2 inches (310 x 375 x 260 millimeters)
  • Overall Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 16.7 x 24.8 x 16.5 inches (425 x 630 x 420 millimeters)
  • Weight: 94.8 pounds (43 kilograms)
  • Tubing Connections: .39 to .47 inches (10 to12 millimeters)
  • Leakage Rate (at 0.01 mbar): 10 mbar/24 hr i.e. 4x10-6 mbar/l/s
  • Warranty Period: 1 year parts and labor

Common Vacuum Oven Applications:

Chemical resistance studies, drug metabolism studies, dry content analysis, tissue drying, drying/baking nonflammable crystalline chemicals, drying filter paper strips or rounds, fine chemical precipitation, glassware drying, moisture determinations, paper drying, pre-heating crucibles or other containers, proteins and starch digestion, textile drying, total solids drying, curing, plating applications, and vacuum embedding.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven was previously manufactured by Sanyo Gallenkamp and branded as a Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven. The oven is now manufactured by Fi-Streem. The Fi-Streem Vacuum Oven is not supplied with a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump must be purchased separately. Please contact LabStrong for vacuum pump recommendation.


Shipping Dimensions: 28in. × 25in. × 27in.

Shipping Weight: 120 lb.