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The Big Tip Box for 5ml and 10ml Pipet Tips

Big Tip Box for Large Pipet Tips

Everyone would prefer to have their pipet tips in a rack but only the wealthy can afford to buy them racked! We routinely buy 1ml and smaller tips in racks or we reload reusable racks to save money and reduce plastic waste. If you use a lot of 5 or 10ml tips in your lab, you are probably buying 5ml pipet tips in bulk.


Introducing The Big Tip Box

A reusable, re-loadable rack designed for 5 & 10ml pipet tips.

  • Holds 96 tips in a small space—No stopping to reload racks!  Racks take up approximately 1’ of linear bench space.
  • Reduce contamination— No chance of contamination from manual insertion of tips with contaminated gloves.  Hinged lid keeps dirt and dust off your tips when not in use.
  • Environmentally friendly— No more tip boxes to dispose of or recycle! The Big Tip Box is built to last for years!
  • Fits virtually any brand of 5 or 10ml tip—You can now change tip brands any time you want!  Rest assured, we have a Big Tip Box that fits your brand.



The High Costs of a Disposable Rack


You can cut your costs to have racked, 5ml or 10ml tips by as much as 97%.

At the published list price, these Brand® pipet tips cost $1.97 EACH!  At the published list price, buying these same tips in bulk, pack of 1000 the tips cost $0.25 EACH.

If you use 100 tips per day and purchase Rainin® RT-5000 tips for $52.60, 8 racks of 24 tips, your total monthly cost would be $540 and you would generate 2 cubic YARDS of plastic waste from the boxes alone!

By buying in bulk, you can buy generic tips for your Rainin® pipettor (Labcon #1025-860, CS2500) for $.05 per tip.  Total per month = $99.  You would save $441 per month and you would save enough to pay for your Big Tip Box in just 9 days!


Big Tip Box Features

  • Made of clear, heavy duty 3/8" acrylic.
    Easily spot dirt or contamination and know when your Big Tip Box needs a reload!
  • Holds 96 tips for less frequent need to reload.
  • Very stable platform to load tips.  Will not tip.
  • Takes up approximately 1 linear foot of bench space.
  • Removable tip insert holder allows easy cleaning.
  • May be sterilized using Ethylene Oxide or using the formaldehyde vapor method


Advantages of the Big Tip Box

  1. Durability –  The Big Tip Box was designed to last for years, not as a disposable that you can also reuse.  It's solid, stable, and will last for years even with heavy use!
  2. Appeals to high volume users – People who buy 5ml tips in bulk cases of 2500 are going through a lot of these tips every day.  Having nearly double the capacity of your racks means less reloading which means less time wasted and less opportunity for hand contamination.
  3. Racks aren’t brand specific – Tip manufacturers are in the business to sell tips.  So all of the other racks on the market are designed to fit ONLY their tips.  The Big Tip Box was designed to fit nearly ANY 5 or 10ml tip within a range of diameters and lengths.
  4. Hinged Lid – Who wants a lid that is going to get misplaced, fall on the floor or clutter up the bench?  The Big Tip Box hinged lid completely covers the tips when not in use reducing dust and the chance of chemical contamination.
  5. Transparency – The Big Tip Box is transparent which is important in a reusable box so that you can see when it’s time to take it apart and clean it.


Ordering Information

Manufactured for and sold exclusively buy Lab Procurement Services, LLC.

We are looking for distributors!  Dealer inquiries welcome.

Maximum lead time:  7 days ARO

  • LPS-5U—Fits Wheaton® Socorex®, Scilogex™, Labcon™ (P/N 1028-xxx), Nichiryo®, Labnet® and other “universal fit” 5ml pipettors.
  • LPS-5S—Fits Finnpipette™, Vistalab®, Fisherbrand™ and Brand Transferpette®
  • LPS-5E—Fits Gilson® Rainin®, Eppendorf® and other “universal fit” 5ml pipettors with shorter overall tip lengths. 
  • LPS-10U— Fits most universal 10ml pipet tips such as Labcon and Scilogex.
  • LPS-10E— Fits Eppendorf, finnpipette or Rainin Classic 10ml Tips.