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LPS provides our clients with expert advice and services (FOR FREE!)

LPS-Advertisement Our team of lab procurement specialists provide a wide variety of value-added services to our full service clients, and are available for consulting basis for specific projects. 

We can save our average client 30-50% in their first year purchasing through LPS, and it our services dont cost you anything. We only make money, when we save you money!


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 LPS Services Menu

contract management services

Contract Management Services 

Helping clients determine that the contractor is abiding by the contract and that they are getting the most from the agreement.

cost saving metrics

Cost Saving Metrics

Helping clients measure the value they are getting from their suppliers.

vendor mgmt

Vendor Relationship Management

Finding the right vendor, ensuring that they are capable of meeting your requirements, determining if their products meet your standards, finding second sources of supply and mediation of disputes.

supply chain management

 Supply Chain Management

Making sure you get the products you need when you need them.  Assisting your procurement to find the best way to quickly get products to your door, undamaged, time after time.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Assisting our clients in finding the best supplier for the product.  If the client has a prime contract with a distributor, we help find the best product from within the distributor portfolio.

Award Evaluation

Proposal/Bid Award Evaluation

We help our clients analyze and score the bid responses received and make unbiased recommendations for award. 

Freight and Logistics Management

Freight & Logistics Management

Finding ways to reduce shipping costs and reduce lead times.

International Services

International and Export Services

Serving as the U.S. based purchasing agent for clients located outside the U.S.  We buy the goods, consolidate the shipments, prepare the paperwork and ship the goods on our clients behalf.


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