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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | July 30, 2018

Centrifuge SinsThe lab item that often causes buyer remorse is a centrifuge.  Hopefully, the info in this blog post can help you can avoid some of these mistakes on your next purchase!

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell | July 13, 2018

In this blog post we will address the question of whether having distributor sales reps call on you is still something customers want or need in the age of the internet.

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | July 11, 2018


This post for consumers is on the evolving lab supply manufacturer-distributor relationship. 

It also provides information on how manufacturers can sell their products more effectively through the small and regional distributor channel.

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By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | July 03, 2018

The answer to this question depends on three key parameters:

  1. Would the Chinese retaliate by putting stiff tariffs on lab supplies? (Will this category of products be big enough to hit their “radar screen?)

  2. How many of the lab supplies offered for sale in the U.S. source from China?

  3. How much of what you buy is sourced from China?

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell | April 16, 2018

Should you always take brand into consideration?


For commodity items used in the lab, are the much higher prices you pay for a brand name product really yielding more reliable results? Are they worth the premium price? Are you aware of how much more you are paying to get a brand name product?

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By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | March 22, 2018

So you think you have what it takes to sell lab supplies for one of the large distributors?  In this blog post we will explore what really is the “right stuff” to be successful in this industry.

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | February 23, 2018

Working in a lab means you are going to be working with substances that just aren’t good for your health.  This might be infectious agents or chemicals.  In both cases, the risk may be very low or it may be extremely lethal or anything in between.

The most common vectors for entry into your body are through the skin, inhalation or ingestion.  We will be focusing here on the skin vector and specifically on hand protection.

In all the years I have been dealing with labs, I can only think of one occasion where people were doing actual testing to see if the gloves they were using would actually protect the wearer!

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By Max Tyrrell | January 25, 2018

Nobody likes to have their price increases.  Our business is to help clients save money so our work is made even more difficult at the end of the year when vendors and distributors typically raise prices.  Normally you see vendors raise prices at or near the rate of inflation.  Typically you see their entire price list with a uniform, modest price increase across the entire product line.  But not in 2018.  Every vendor has their own reasons for what they do.  But based on observing what is happening in the lab supply industry and the economy as a whole, some educated guesses can be made. 

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell & Erik Bennett | January 08, 2018

Is this the position you have been put in by your pipettor manufacturer? Have they convinced you that if you do not use their brand of tips – no matter what the cost – that you will be (insert gasp here…) introducing error into your experiments that may jeopardize your results? Why take the risk. Just accept this and bury your head in the sand. It makes your wallet much more accessible to them!

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Posted in LPS Topics By Erik Bennett | November 16, 2017

Lab Procurement Services announces a strategic partnership with Proacure Corp. This partnership will provide a platform for transparent, optimized strategic sourcing, process delivery, savings realization and enhanced compliance to organizations worldwide.

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