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Lab Procurement Insider Blog

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Posted in LPS Topics By Erik Bennett | November 16, 2017

Lab Procurement Services announces a strategic partnership with Proacure Corp. This partnership will provide a platform for transparent, optimized strategic sourcing, process delivery, savings realization and enhanced compliance to organizations worldwide.

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Posted in Client Updates By Erik Bennett | November 09, 2017

New Procurement Portal for Lab Supplies - Registered

users and browsers enjoy simplified ordering and enhanced content.

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell | October 11, 2017

What is the future for the labs supplies distribution business?  Nobody knows for sure, of course.  However, there are signs that are predictors.

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By Erik Bennett | October 04, 2017

beadbug short

The BeadBug™ 6 joins the large capacity BeadBlaster™ 24 and personal sized BeadBug™ as the newest member of the Benchmark homogenizer line.

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Posted in LPS Topics By Max Tyrrell | April 18, 2017

This article discusses the changes that have occurred in the Laboratory marketplace relative to how the prices of products are determined.

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Posted in Client Updates By Max Tyrrell | March 08, 2017


Water is used in every type of lab for everything from hand and glassware washing to some of the most complex biochemical assays.  But in my experience, very few lab managers are knowledgeable about reagent grade water and only very few lab managers can provide a correct explanation of the differences between Type I, II and III water.

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Posted in Client Updates By Max Tyrrell | March 08, 2017

How can LPS compete against the likes of Thermo Fisher and VWR?  Many of our long-term clients know the answer:  We communicate better


What is the optimal level of customer care?

  1. The seller must know and understand his buyer’s needs intimately.

  2. Buyers expect the seller to respond to their needs promptly (goal:  immediately.)

  3. Buyers expect someone on the selling end to be personally responsible.

  4. The buyer/seller relationship, where possible should be on a first-name basis.

  5. The seller should be looking out for the customer’s interests proactively.

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Posted in Client Updates By Max Tyrrell | March 08, 2017

How do you save money on pipet tips without jeopardizing your test results?

Would you be willing to jeopardize your results to save money by buying pipet tips that are inaccurate or contaminated? The answer is easy because the cost of introducing error far outweighs the money saved. So what is the "safe" choice? Here are the primary ways labs make the best choice:

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Posted in Client Updates By Max Tyrrell | March 08, 2017

Fact: The average value of the contents of the average -86o freezer averages $150,000.

Question: What is the value of the contents of the refrigerator where you store your reagents or specimens?

Fact: Although refrigerators are built to last 10 – 15 years and are the second biggest source of power consumption in the lab (#1 is your fume hood) most labs buy based on the lowest price as the primary consideration.

Question: Is buying cheap refrigeration / freezing equipment really a good decision?

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