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SnapIt Ampoule Opener

Snapit Safe Ampoule Opener

This easy-to-use multi-use glass ampule opener avoids the unacceptable sharps injuries seen when ampules are opened by hand.


The laboratory industry uses millions of glass ampules every year. Breakages, cuts and contamination of content have always been a safety concern and resulted in significant wasted resources.


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  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with common ampoule sizes
  • Reduced sharps injuries
  • An effortless open-every-time solution due to extended lever action
  • Easiest and cleanest possible opening without scoring
  • Reusable and washable
  • No double handling
  • No handling of broken ampule lids
  • Ergonomic– no stress on wrists when snapping off ampule top




With SnapIT anyone can open an ampule without worrying about injuring themselves:

  1. Insert the ampule lid into the SnapIT
  2. Snap open the ampule
  3. Eject the ampule lid directly into a sharps container

It's as easy as that!


SnapIT Reduces Injuries:

Both hands are kept away from the ampule neck where the glass breaks.

The ampule lid with the sharp edge is held inside the SnapIT until it is ejected into a sharps disposal box and the user never comes into contact with it.

No stress on wrists when snapping off ampule top



Glass Ampules - Pluses and Minuses:

Millions of tamperproof glass ampoules are opened by laboratory employees in the United States each year. The practical benefits are clear but resulting sharps injury rates have always been significant.

Workers in the United States alone report between 600,000 and 1 million sharps injuries per year. Many more go unreported.1 Over one quarter of sharps injuries occur while opening glass ampoules. When the neck of an ampoule is snapped during opening the very sharp edge on the ampoule and the am   poule lid can cause serious cuts. The costs of injuries is high and include suture of laceration, weeks of rehabilitation and loss of salary.


SnapIT Comes in Two Convenient Styles and Sizes to fit your needs:

Trolley Edition for team use, featuring a flat side so it can lay on a bench top or trolley without falling over or rolling away. The Trolley comes in both a Regular and Large size.

Pocket Edition for personal use on a key ring, hung from a lanyard or kept in your pocket.  The Pocket Edition comes in Regular size.

With two sizes and flexible o-rings, SnapIT can open almost all sizes of glass ampules that are commonly used.


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