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Introducing LPS Innovations

LPS Innovations brings you exclusive deals on new, unique and innovative lab products.

LPS Innovations provides manufacturer’s representative services for select manufacturers with products that require a high level of technical expertise for their products.  Because of this, our clients are entitled to purchase their products at the maximum discount. 

  • ViveBio

    This is a transport medium that allows biologically active materials (e.g., viruses, bacteria, etc.) to be stored and subsequently reconstituted fully intact without refrigeration.  This company originally developed this product for the clinical market – specifically for tropical diseases and AIDS viral load samples.  They have asked LPS to take this to markets beyond their narrow focus.  We were intrigued because the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) has been buying them and for their potential to drastically lower the need for -86 freezers to store long term samples.

  • SnapIT: This highly innovative safety product manufactured in Australia was initially brought to the U.S. industrial market by LPS because one of our clients need a local source.  LPS has for several years supplied these to VWR and Fisher on a wholesale basis. 

  • LabStrong: located in Dubuque, IA.  LabStrong was formed by the management of Barnstead after Thermo shuttered the plant a few years ago.  LabStrong’s greatest strength is in water systems, orbital shakers and vacuum ovens.  Fisher and VWR, over the years have placed hundreds of Barnstead water systems and stills in this area.  This system is higher in initial price than the Millipore system but is entirely self-serviceable and with lower cost cartridges making it one of the lowest cost-of-ownership over the life of the system.  LPS is proud to represent LabStrong in the Tennessee and North Carolina markets.

  • Jeio Tech / Lab Companion: located in Billerica, MA.  Jeio Tech is the largest manufacturer of lab equipment in Korea. Founded in 1988, Jeio Tech has rapidly expanded to become a global player.  Based on over 24 years of technical experience in instrument manufacturing, their highly integrated engineering team strives to deliver outstanding quality. Jeio Tech’s laboratory instrument brand, has grown into an international brand thanks to its quality and service since 1989.  Jeio Tech strives to provide their clients with safe, maintenance-free, and user-friendly products aiming at setting new standards for the global market.  In addition to CE, UL, GD (Good Design Award), Jeio Tech (Lab Companion) obtained ISO 9001:2008

  • A and D Weighing:  located in San Jose, CA.  A&D is an ISO 9001 certified copmany that designs and manufacturers a complete line of electronic balances, digital scales, viscometers, moisture analyzers, load cells and weighing indicators and controllers as well as the MPA Series of electronic pipettes at very affordable prices.



Q – How is LPS Innovations different the numerous other product lines where LPS sources products?

A – LPS motivation for becoming a distributor for consumable items is to eliminate one layer of profit in the supply chain and to pass on the savings to our clients.  While consumable vendors embrace this philosophy (even more so if they don’t sell through the major distributors) equipment vendors don’t.  They are looking for distributors who will promote and sell their products to a much wider audience even if that may be web marketing rather than catalog or direct sales.  Lab Companion and LabStrong represent the first two equipment manufacturers we have formed partnerships with.

Q – So what’s in this for me, your customer?

A – Aside from the obvious benefit of saving you money should you decide on your own that you want an A&D, Lab Companion or Labstrong product, if you give us the opportunity to research your needs the next time you are in the market for a water system or refrigerator/freezer for your lab, we will be able to offer you advice that will help you make the best choice, whether you buy from LPS or someone else.   It won’t cost you anything and it just might save you thousands!