The good news is that we avoided a UPS strike

The good news is that we avoided a UPS strike

A lot has been happening at LPS. The good news is that we avoided a UPS strike. Whew!  That was a close call…

We are still dealing with Corning’s struggles to turn out product. They are one of the few companies manufacturing sterile coliform water sample bottles in volumes greater than 120ml. This delay has put the load on every other manufacturer, all of whom are now in a backorder situation.

We offer a very economical 120ml sterile bottle for which there is plenty of inventory. If you need a 250, 500 or 1000mL bottle, it may be a long wait if you can’t sterilize your own bottle and drop in a sodium thiosulfate tablet…



A warm welcome to our newest client - Sofix, LLC in Chattanooga, TN!.


The Chemical Corner

LPS has a huge portfolio of chemicals, reagents and solutions on our website. The list just keeps on expanding with the addition of Dawn Scientific this week. This group of brands is by no means all!  In fact we can get practically any chemical you want through one of our distribution suppliers.

HPLC grade solvents are our biggest sellers with Acetonitrile being the “one to watch” for pricing. LPS constantly monitors all the major brands to keep an eye on price changes. For example, pre-pandemic, Fisherbrand Acetonitrile had the lowest price, but since that time, this brand has become one of the most expensive.

Dawn Scientific has an introductory special that will soon be listed on our website for $192/cs of 4X4L!  But you don’t need to shop. We will do that for you!

The Vendor Corner

MTC Bio is our featured vendor this month for two reasons:  First, they are one of our highest-performing vendors due to their ability to quickly and accurately ship products from stock nearly always the same day!

Based in New Jersey, this company is one of the best vendors we deal with, which is why all of their products can be found on our website.

One of the many items in short supply during the pandemic were disposable individually-wrapped serological pipettes. We have sourced from numerous vendors in the past but have made the decision to ONLY source these through MTC Bio. Why?

  1. They have the best price point we have found.
  2. They are of the highest quality.
  3. They are nearly always in stock.

You can expect to receive this brand with your next order. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will source any brand you specify.