Price increases


- Any price increases that happen other than at the end of the year
- Prices that increase with no reasonable explination
- Price spikes due to tariffs (especially on goods sourced from China)
- Company ownership change and the new owners no longer honor prior owner prices


Shipping charges and fees that are often multiples of the price of the item


- Fuel service charges
- Vendors who make their profit margins by inflating shipping charges
- Drop ship fees
- Minimum order fees
- Hazmat charges
- Blue Ice charges
- Order processing fees


Life Science Reagents


- Proliferation of life sciences companies who only sell direct
- Companies located outside the U.S. with documentation in poor English or another language
- Inability to get a discount even on items that are sold through major distributors
- Excessively high shipping and handling charges that are non-negotiable
- Having to continually set up new vendors to get a single item




- Requesting a quote and getting quoted retail price
- Waiting over 24-hours to receive a quote
- Finding out who your representative is / reaching that person
- Quotes that come with no reference number or are subsequently deemed “invalid”
- Quotes with short expiration dates that require constant renewal


Paperwork snafus


- Quoted one price but billed another
- Obtaining credit memos or billing adjustments
- Reconciling credit card statements
- Paperwork repeatedly submitted to ship chemicals to the same address
- Missing invoice, packing slip, order confirmation, etc.


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